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About the organizers VIA SERVICE 

About us

From 1981 to 2004 Alex was in charge and responsible as CEO and director, in more than 15 countries (on several continents) for multinational companies.

Since 2004 he works again back home in Austria and formed several companies for clients with and without financial participations to their satisfaction. 

His wide knowledge and vast experience was transformed to the satisfaction of his client.  Charisma and charm helped him to build a large network which he can use for the benefit of our clients.

Alex Traun (MBA)

Author of a “full cycle” of consulting services including support of foreign students and their families in Austria obtained resident permits for all our clients in 8 federal states of Austria.

About us

Before the foundation of VIA SERVICE, Irina worked 22 years in the field of scientific research and has a successful experience of more than 5 years in the field of immigration and real estate services. The first years in Austria as an invited scientist (in germ. “Gastforscherin”), at the age of “over forty” she conducted  a mode of “six and a half working days a week.” Evening hours were used – to improve the “zero” German language. 

In 2012, Irina started her own business using her own experience in a new country.  The mission of the new company is “to help non-European citizens not to miss their Austrian chance.”

Irina Lewicka (Dr. of Science)

Is the initiator and co-author of new programs in Austria for non-EU citizens:

Secondary higher education, Secondary higher and professional (= dual) education,

Language summer camp for high school students.


Языковая поддержка 

About us

В 2009 г. во время научной стажировки в Венском университете состоялось первое знакомство с Австрией.  Анастасия сразу полюбила эту красивую страну.

С 2010 г. началось сотрудничество с VIA SERVICE.

Сейчас Анастасия занимается языковой подготовкой будущих австрийцев – неграждан Евросоюза.

Она помогает заговорить на немецком языке и познакомиться с культурой Австрии. 

Анастасия Куткина

Кандидат филологических наук.

Благодаря её занятиям после переезда Вы сразу начнете общаться с местными жителями и легко адаптируетесь на новом месте.

Поддержка на местах 

About us

Andre Schnitkowski

Доктор юридических наук

Ректор университетского обьединения, WIUIM