Migrate to Austria

Migrate to Austria

There are over 16 different types of residence permits and different ways to migrate to Austria depending on what you would like to do (work, study, retire …), your qualifications, and on your financial status.

The main categories include:
Quota Migration
Individuals/families that would like to move to Austria Austria and do not immediately need a work visa choose to migrate in the financially independent class. Unlike other categories that are criteria-based, there is a fixed number of migrants accepted per year – this method of migration is in very high demand.

– Ability to come together as a family
– Independence – not reliant on an employer for the residence permit
Sponsored Employment
Individuals with a job offer or with in-demand professions and backgrounds can qualify for a residence permit with work authorization.

– The migrant can work immediately
– The main applicant can bring family members, who will also have work authorization
Business/Investment Migration
Migrants in this category can receive a residence permit with work authorization for the company/business they will own in Austria.

– There is no minimum investment amount
– Ability to work while living in Austria
– Family members can follow after the main applicant is settled
Student Migration
International students of any age coming to study in Austria will need a residence permit, which is the equivalent of a student visa/study permit in other countries. Please also refer to our student services for more information.

– Suited for restricted budgets
– Allows the migrant family to “test the waters” before committing to permanent migration
– After graduation, the student can qualify for a work visa

Why Austria? 

As a resident of Austria, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mobility within the EU: travel within the Schengen region without a visa
  • Affordable education: compulsory education is free and university costs around €1,500 per year!
  • Excellent quality of life: top healthcare, modern infrastructure, safe (virtually no violent crimes!) and reasonable cost of living
  • Clean and beautiful: fresh air and clean water makes for a healthy environment and beautiful surroundings

Migration Services for Non-EU Nationals 

Whether it’s for work, to study or for lifestyle/retirement reasons, we make it easy for non-EU nationals to immigrate to Austria.

From the fulfillment of migration prerequisites through to integration support for new residents, our full range of services prepares and supports applicants through the immigration process and life in Austria.

Just-landed and Integration
Free consultation and assessment of eligibility
Application guidance:

– Completion and compilation of required documents
– Checking and following up on application
– Contact with authorities as needed
Registration with local authorities
Fulfillment of pre-application requirements:

– Banking in Austria
– Insurance
– Property Rental
Application for mandatory health insurance
Accompany applicant to receive residence card from Department of Migration
Renewal/extension of residence permit
Application for change of status (e.g. from student to worker)

For immigration, relocation, and integration advice as well as to discuss how we can help you in greater detail, contact us at marketing@viaservice.eu.

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